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Tidbit Photozine Summer 2017 Parts 1&2


The end is here. These two zines mark the ninth and tenth issues of Tidbit Photozine. It also marks the end of the line for this project. These two issues are just like the previous issues, chock full of black and white and full color photos. About half of each zine is dedicated to music photos. Bands featured in these issues are Red Hare, Fucking Invincible, Milemarker, Head Wound City, Retox, Rocket from the Crypt, Outspoken, Radkey, Rorschach, White Lung, Jawbox, Red Aunts, Hard Stance, Avail, and many others. All of that goodness stuffed into two zines, all for the price of two zines. What a deal. As a bonus, each order will receive one or two (or more) specially made 5x7 prints of images from previous issues of the photozine. (While supplies last) Lucky you. But! There are only 42 made of these zines. All of 'em are signed and numbered. Get them while the gettin's good.